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Busiswa shuts down body shamers



Busiswa Gqulu

Busiswa put body shamers in their place recently

This week is proving to be a rather eventful one for singer and songwriter Busiswa, from putting her most anticipated upcoming album “My Side Of The Story” to bed to naming and shaming her abusers.

Now the “Black is King” star is dealing with body shamers in the best way – she’s shutting them down.

The “uWrongo” hitmaker recently shared photographs of herself pointing at a pig head that she was about to cook for lunch, on social media.

In the collage of photos, the star also displayed the end result of the eaten pig head. She simply captioned the images: “How it started vs How it’s going.”

The post received mostly positive reactions, with tweeps expressing how they love their pork meat, while others found the post extremely fun.

One follower though took it upon himself to say take a dig at Busiswa, with a snide comment, stating that the singer will eventually get back to her “old” body.

Busiswa was not going to let that slide. She hit back at the troll, letting them know that body shaming someone, including celebrities, is not okay.

She said: “Don’t stress yourself about my body, young man. No matter how tempted you are, don’t do that”.

In no time, Busiswa’s fans jumped in dragging the troll for his unwarranted comment.

Below are some reactions.

Meanwhile, this week, the “Banomoya“ himaker announced that her latest album “My Side Of The Story” releases on Friday, November 20.

Commenting on the album, the “Makazi” star said: “If you’re an abuser, you will feel uncomfortable listening to my album, if you’re a rapist, you will feel uncomfortable listening to my album.”

Busiswa who previously suffered physical, emotional and psychological abuse at the hands of her two former lovers, also sent a strong message to abusive men.

“To the men, first of all, abusers are disgusting to the core. Rapists, you deserve death. But to the men who are constantly reminding us that there are good men and not all men violate, it’s not enough to say I don’t abuse so… you have to do more.

She added: “What are you doing to protect the women in your life, the women that you know are being raped, violated in any shape or form? You have to step out of your comfort zone to protect women…we need you.”

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